Appel à communications – EURAM 2017 – track « T 01_07 Global Performance and Integrated Reporting »

L’objectif de ce track est d’étudier les problématiques liées à la comptabilité élargie, au reporting extra-financier et au contrôle de gestion : « The landscape of corporate reporting is changing quickly. The concepts, elements and principles that characterise the way organisations plan, manage and report their annual performances are currently being questioned, debated, and redesigned throughout the world. However, widening the scope of corporate performance and reporting is a major issue. Research needs to bridge the gap between social and financial performance by considering corporate performance in a wider perspective. The objective of this track is to collect significant contributions that answer some of these questions and provide original insights on measurement, accounting, reporting and control could evolve. »
Ce track sera l’occasion de faire le point sur les avancées en compta/contrôle/reporting extra-financier au niveau européen et d’organiser un ou plusieurs numéro spéciaux dans des revues académiques.
La date limite de soumission est le 10 janvier 2017.

Join us in Glasgow on the 21, 22, 23 and 24 June for the 2017 EURAM Conference!

How many problems could be solved if we knew how to manage ourselves?

With our theme “Managing Knowledge: Making Knowledge Work”, we invite you to participate in debate about how we can use and develop our knowledge better so that solving problems and dealing with issues can become more effective. Let’s meet at the University of Strathclyde Business School, ideally located in the centre of the vibrant city of Glasgow. Strathclyde Business School is hosting the 2017 EURAM conference. We aim to provide a memorable experience for scholars, practitioners, and doctoral students, to share and discuss their most recent high quality work with other experts in their research fields. The more detailed programme of our stimulating, interactive keynotes and roundtables, workshops, symposia, and much more, will soon be posted on our website.

To submit your full paper to EURAM 2017:  

I. Explore the tracks sponsored by one of the 13 EURAM Strategic Interest Groups (SIGs) or by the 2017 Local Conference Committee and choose the topic and community that corresponds the best with your research.

II. Please respect the deadlines, especially the paper submission deadline: 10 January 2017 – 2 pm Belgian time.

III. Please, comply with the authors’ guidelines.

I – Explore our SIGs and tracks (for more detail click on the SIG title)

For newcomers to our community: Our 13 SIGs are the building blocks of EURAM. SIG Chairs and Officers nurture communities of scholars who are engaged in specific research areas. Standing tracks are ongoing conversations that you can join and which will continue within a SIG for a number of years. Tracks that are listed as “2017 Tracks” have been selected in a competitive submission and review process (they may become standing tracks from in the future if they prove to be of continued interest). Each SIG General Track invites contributions from all areas related to the SIG specific research area but which are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the SIG.



T 01_07 Global Performance and Integrated Reporting

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