 Conférence ESEE – Rethinking Sustainability Models and Practices: Challenges for the New and Old World Contexts – Lisbonne – du 13 au 15 juillet

The international sustainable development research community is faced with challenging sustainability threats and opportunities for emerging and fast changing economies and societies (New World). At the same time, it carries the accumulated knowledge about the models and results of countries with relevant past experiences in dealing with sustainability issues in more stable contexts (Old World). The major theme will focus on the current sustainability strategies, policies, practices and approaches and the need to rethink their roles and applicability in different socio-cultural and economic contexts.

This event will be preceded by the 1st Luso-Brazilian Symposium (July 11 to 12, 2016) on Sustainability Models and Practices, coordinated jointly by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, School of Science and Technology and the University of São Paulo, Institute of Energy and Environment. The aim of this pre-event is to strengthen research between these two Portuguese speaking countries (for this reason, the symposium will be held in Portuguese only). This event will cover the same themes of the 22nd ISDRS Conference since it also aims at building bridges and synergies with the activities of the ISDRS, including its annual conference.

ISDRS Conference Core Themes:

  1. Sustainable Development Science
  2. Ecosystem Pressures and Limits
  3. Climate Change and Energy
  4. Sustainable Land Use & Sustainable Cities
  5. Corporate Sustainability and Innovation
  6. Society and Sustainability
  7. Institutions and Governance Structures for Sustainable Development

Special tracks for the 22nd ISDRS Conference

  1. Adaptive sustainability policies and models in changing contexts
  2. Oceans and marine sustainability: innovation and management
  3. Sustainability knowledge sharing: from individuals to countries
  4. African Perspectives on the Old and New World Challenges for Sustainable Development


For more information: http://www.isdrsconference.org/

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